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Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

This Museum of Science & Industry Hotel located near one of Chicago’s most popular museum and it’s just 5 minutes from the LaQuinta Inn & Suites Chicago. The hotel also offers a free scheduled shuttle to the museum throughout the day. Or you are within two blocks of public transportation that come’s by every few minutes to the museum. The Museum of Science and Industry is one of Chicago’s most popular museums with some very unique exhibits such as the U505 Submarine. The Coal Mine is another exhibit that you can visit and witness how coal is extracted from inside the earth! The Great Train Story is an exciting adventure where generations of guests have enjoyed model train experiences.  This model railroad features more than 20 trains winding through a journey replicated in astonishing detail and scope. From the heights of Rocky Mountain ranges and Chicago skyscrapers, this massive scale model can be seen many times and still reveals something new on every visit.

Come visit the Museum of Science and Industry where you can spend a whole day and still not see everything. While your here stay at the LaQuinta Inn & Suites Chicago Lake Shore and enjoy all of what Chicago has to offer.