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Chicago Field Museum

Chicago Field Museum is one of the world’s largest natural history museums and has an impressive and always worth seeing collection and exhibits. Founded in 1893 as the Columbian Museum of Chicago it achieved its current name after a 1 million Dollar donation was made to help its construction and purchase of collections by Mr Marshall Field one of Chicago’s leading citizens.


The museum specializes in natural history and offers an always exciting series of education and scientific programs throughout the year, with a significant portion of its collection of Scientific specimens and artifacts always on display. The permanent exhibits are highly diverse and attract over 2 million visitors annually and range from studies on current cultures from around the world back to the oldest fossils.


There are numerous temporary exhibits and programs so that if you go to the museum, there will be something new for you to see, so even if you’ve been before it’s worth going back. The Field Museum has a standing collection of over 24 million specimens and objects which are rotated on a regular basis and used for scientific research. On display, you will see specimens and items that exhibit the bio-diversity of planet Earth, a variety of gems meteorites fossils, a vibrant array of anthropological artifacts from around the world as well as cultural collections. The library contains over 275,000 books journals and photos as well as extensive geology ethnology material culture.


Located just 5 miles from our hotel parking lot, the Chicago Field Museum is easy to get to by car in a little over 10 minutes, and can also be reached by direct bus route from a nearby bus stop in a little over half an hour. The museum offers exhibits a fun of interest to both adults and kids and makes for a great family if you have had enough sun, or the weather is not cooperating. You can also take our complimentary shuttle to the museum campus check with the front desk for the schedule. You can save $50.00 a day in free parking here and you get free breakfast and free wifi.

1400 S Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60605

1400 S Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60605 Get Directions